Selling Your Reno Home? 10 Steps To Prepare Your Home For Sale

Are you considering selling your Reno home?

Prepare to sell your home

Follow these 10 easy steps to prepare your home for sale and to get it sold fast:

1) Walk through each room as if you were a buyer.  ~ Is your home presentable, can you move freely about? If not, open up areas of clutter, remove excess furniture to create an easy flow throughout your home. Have a garage sale or donate unwanted household items to your local charities. When selling always remember less is better!!

2) Clean, Clean Clean (and keep it clean). ~ Is your home neat and tidy? Having a clean and organized home, one that is visually appealing to the eye is important when selling your home. Cleaning is the easiest, no cost project that cannot be overlooked! Nothing will send buyers running out the door than a dirty home.

Prepare to Sell YOur Home

3) Rid your home of clutter, personal collections and excessive family photos. ~ Getting rid of clutter, personal photos and organizing closets and cupboards are usually activities to will help generate a sale. If financially possible, use a short-term rental company to store all these items.

4) Deodorize ~ This goes along with cleaning but is so important it deserves mentioning.  ~If a buyer walks into your home and smells any ungodly odors, nine out of ten times they will simply turn and walk right out the front door. Deodorizing is more than simply lighting candles and placing air fresheners throughout out. The process of getting rid of smells often means having your carpets cleaned and washing window coverings.

The truth is most home owners don’t even realize their home has any kind of smell at all. But if you have a cat or a dog, cook a lot, you most like have an oder in you home. The best way to find out how much work is involved is to invite trusted friends and family members over to give your their honest opinion of your home. Make sure to tell them how important and valuable their  opinion is in you getting your home sold!

5) Freshen the Paint. ~ Painting the interior of your home is the greatest return on investment when selling. If you feel you only need to paint the trim, window seals or doors, then do so. Try to stay neutral in color, grays, beiges and creams make the home look fresh and will appeal to more buyers.

6)Repair broken screens, leaky faucets, running toilets and that broken doorbell. ~ If anything around the home needs fixing, now is the time to do it. If a professional is hired, keep all receipts of work that has been performed.

7) Organize everything. ~ Drawers, closets, the garage, attics and basements. Assuming buyers won’t snoop and open these things is a huge mistake, because they will! This could be part of the decluttering process. Store or get rid of items you are not using or have not used in a while. Buyers love extra storage and need to be sure your home will store all of their stuff.

Window cleaning

8) Let the light shine in. ~ Clean windows and blinds.  Open up the windows and allow fresh air to flow. Remove broken blinds and heavy window treatments. Let natural light in to help show off you newly painted and cleaned home. Buyers today are looking for bright, open rooms. Make yours irresistible.

9) Curb Appeal ~ Tending to the Lawn & Garden. ~ Curb appeal is critical in getting buyers of of the car. Your yard and landscaping should be well maintained. Walk ways should be kept clear and your entry way should be spotless. First impressions go a long way in selling your home.

10) Paperwork. ~ Locating all of the paperwork for your home should be easy with all the cleaning and organizing you have been doing. Put all of the manuals for appliances, water heaters, A/C, furnace into a binder.

Add neighborhood information, local school information, names and numbers of licensed contractors your have used or any other times your think the future owner could use. It will be a nice home warming gift that won’t cost a dime.

These 10 items are the basic steps to take when your are getting ready to sell your home. If you need extra help, you might want to consider hiring a professional staging company. They can make your home stand out in a really good way. They will provide non biased, objective opinions that will give your home the competive edge over your competition.

Selling Your Reno Home? 10 Steps To Prepare Your Home For Sale

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