One of the Best Housing Markets? Reno Makes The Top 15!

Reno Home MarketBusiness Insider has listed The 15 Best Housing Markets For The Next Five Years and not only did Reno, NV make the list but our state’s capital, Carson City made the last as well!

This survey was based on the latest data from Fiserv Case-Shiller. Fiserv publishes quarterly trend reports, along with annual home price statistics. Fiserv is the place to go for home price index insights.

The top 15 cities in this survey were ranked by projected annualized change in home prices between the 3rd quarter of 2012 and the 3rd quarter in 2017. If you are a Reno Home Buyer right now, you are aware of the rising price of Reno homes and are aware of the lack of inventory that is most likely driving these home prices up.

If you own your home, then this is great news for you! As you see the value of your home increase you are most likely seeing positive equity in your home for the first time since the housing crisis began several years ago. For those home buyers looking to purchase a Reno home, now is a great time to visit your lender and find out how to get qualified to purchase and start your Reno home search now, before prices rise out of your price range.

The complete 15 Best Housing Markets For The Next Five Years is as follows:

1) Norwich-New London, Connecticut
2) Tuscan, ArizonaTop 15 Best Places 3) Visalia-Porterville, California
4) Oscala, Florida
5) Yakima, Washington
6) Gulfport-Biloxi, Mississippi
7) Vallejo-Fairfield, California
8) Yuma, Arizona
9) Reno/Sparks, Nevada
10) Santa Barbara/Santa Maria California
11) Carson City, Nevada
12)Vero Beach, Florida
13) Panama City-Lynn Haven-Panama City Beach, Florida
14) Santa Fe, New Mexico
15) Medford, Oregon

These are all great cities and I am so happy to see a few California cities on this list as well. It is great to see the cities are starting to rebound after a rough couple of years. Let’s we see a few other cities start to rebound in the near future as well.

Need help buying or selling in Reno, NV? Give me a call today, I can help you with all of your Northern Nevada Real Estate needs!

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