Advantages Of Selling Your Home During The Winter

What are the advantages of selling your Reno, NV home during winter months?

This time of year I always get asked the same question: Should I wait until spring to list my home for sale? Spring is often considered the best time of year to sell because warmer weather encourages home buyers to get out and tour open houses and look at homes for sale. Let’s face it, sunshine is a great mood booster and great for getting people out of doors.

Selling During Winter Months

Warm weather and happy people make Springtime seem like the best time to list your home! Before you make up your mind to wait until then to list, consider the reasons below why I think taking advantage of selling during winter months is smart:

  •  Winter prospects are often more serious home buyers because typically they are purchasing because of a time sensitive move and have a “need” to move rather than just a “desire” to move. They are highly motivated!


  • There is less competition during winter months for home buyers. Many sellers mistakenly think spring as the best time to sell so happy teenage girl in winter clothes sitting firesidebuyers in the winter months have fewer homes to choose from.


  • If you choose to sell in the winter you can decorate your home with seasonal decorations, keep your fireplace warm & cozy during showings, and with the smell of pumpkin & apple pies baking in the oven, home buyers can’t help but fall in love with your warm and inviting home. Buyers make emotional decisions when choosing to buy a home and seasonal touches can be very effective.


  • One of the highest percentages of listings sold to listings taken occurs during this time of the year. Statistics show housing sales can remain steady in the winter months, while the number of new homes entering the market decreases, creating a trend towards a sellers market this during this time.


  • You can sell now and delay the closing, or even extend occupancy into next year when moving is more convenient. Buyers taking advantage of holiday time off to search for a home, may not need to move until spring, giving you plenty of time to find your new home and plan a convenient move.


If you are going to be selling your home in Northern Nevada  during the approaching holiday season, it’s not the best time to “test the market.” Selling in a timely manner requires pricing the property accurately. You want to motivate the serious buyers to take a break from holiday obligations to turn out to view your house.   If you’ve been contemplating the idea of selling your home in Reno, NV , know that there will be winter buyers out there. Call me today — let’s find them!

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