Happy National Home Warranty Day!

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of a home warranty were? Check out the post below from American Home Shield and learn all there is to know about Home Warranties .   Happy Home Warranty Day! Today is National Home Warranty Day! National Home Warranty Day is the perfect day to raise awareness about the coverage your clients need if and when a major appliance or system breaks down. Four things you should know to ensure your customers are adequately protected against costly … [Read more...]

Should I Buy A Warranty On My New Appliances?

Below is an interesting article regarding warranties on new appliances. How many of you have lost sleep over NOT buying the extended warranty on your new appliance? I know I have. But when you are forking out hundreds, or thousands of $$$ for the appliances and paying tax on top of the cost, it is hard to spend another two or three hundred to get the warranty. If you have ever been on the fence about appliance warranties here are 7 things you must know about warranties on appliances!   7 Things You Must Know About … [Read more...]

7 Ways To Cut Hot Water Costs

Heating water accounts for a hefty 12 percent of your utility bill. And while new Energy Star-rated appliances can provide excellent savings over older models, investing in new appliances is not always possible on a budget. So try a few of these ideas to save more on your water heating costs: Take showers instead of baths. Keep showers short or you could end up using more water and heating energy than had you just filled up the tub. Lower the temp on your water heater to 120 degrees. According to the Department of Energy, … [Read more...]

Reno’s Hottest Events in March 2016

~~March is Sizzling Hot in Reno This Year~~ March brings to Reno a Monster Jam , the Reno Leprechaun Crawl, Sparks Shamrock Shuffle 5K, Big Sky Basketball Conference, Sir Mix A Lot, The String Cheese Incident, Yanni  along with dozens of other spectacular events. But  don't rely on the luck of the Irish to get you through all this March madness, follow this calendar of events, courtesy of my friends at  First Centennial Title Company, to help you find your pot of pure golden fun! And remember, I am never to busy for … [Read more...]

What Is A Home Buyer Pre-Approval Letter?

Start your home search with a pre-approval letter from your lender and be competitive with other home buyers. A pre-approval letter can help you find a home that is with-in your price range and could possibly give you an advantage over other home buyers who do not have pre-approval in hand when they are ready to make an offer. Your  pre-approval letter will show home sellers you are serious about purchasing by providing them with proof that your bank is willing to lend to you. Check out this video below from Patrick … [Read more...]

Essential Information For First Time Home Buyers In Northern Nevada

Fannie Mae Offers First-Time Home Buyers Help With Closing Costs Hey Reno renters, if you are sick of renting and are ready to purchase your first home, Fannie Mae ,(Fannie  Mae is a source of residential mortgage credit in the U.S. that supports our housing economy) is offering a program that will help first time home buyers with closing costs. This program is called the Homepath Ready Buyer Program. Fannie Mae HomePath homes are a small number of Fannie Mae foreclosed properties qualified first time home buyers. Fannie … [Read more...]

Great Tips For Selling Your Sparks Condo

Thinking of selling your Sparks condo? Whether you live in the condo or own it as an investment property, if you are ready to sell, below are a few great tips for getting it sold quickly. ~ Understanding Your Condo Association Rules ~ The Fairway Condos in Wingfield Hills have two associations. The Wingfield Springs Association and The Fairways Association. It is necessary to know about the rules and guidelines of each association. This is something that you are probably aware of, but you will need to provide this … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Recycling Locations In Reno

Reno's Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful (KTMB) organization has been organizing and putting together the Christmas Tree Recycling program since 2003. Over 100,000 trees have been recycled. Trees can be dropped of now until January 10, 2015 at the 9 designated areas listed below. What Trees Can Be Recycled? Only natural trees will all of the ornaments and lights removed. Flocked trees are not accepted because they will clog the clippers. And please, no artificial trees! Where and When Do You Drop Off Your Christmas … [Read more...]

Winter Fun: Top Five Snow Parks In Northern NV

Snow Parks Near Reno and Lake Tahoe Winter has arrived here in Northern Nevada and with abundance of snow we recently received,  the outdoor fun can officially begin. No need to travel far tho, Northern Nevada offers amazing snow-play opportunities for just about anyone. A snow tube, sled, snow shoes and warm clothing will be all you need to enjoy a fabulous one-day vacation that you've been longing for. The following are my top 5 snow parks in Northern Nevada: Galena Creek Park ~ 18520 Mt. Rose Highway, Reno NV … [Read more...]

How Does An HOA Affect Your Home Purchase

How Does An HOA Affect Your Home Purchase? As a renter you are use to sending your monthly payment to a landlord, which sometimes even includes your utility payments. Once you become a homeowner, your monthly mortgage payment becomes more complicated. Unless you are paying cash, you will have a monthly mortgage payment that  typically consists of four parts, often referred to as PITI ~ Principle, Interest, Taxes, Insurance. If you buy a condominium or a home within a homeowners association (HOA) you will also need to … [Read more...]

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