First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyers ~ Your First Step To Becoming A Reno Home Homeowner!!

Congratulations! You are thinking about buying a home. I am happy you have chosen my blog to help you get started!
First Time Home Buyers Home 
Is homeownership on your horizon? This series of First Time Home Buying articles will help you walk through the home buying process  even before you decide to work with a Reno, NV Realtor®.

The first step is the most important:
Find out how much financing you qualify for! 

Knowing how much you qualify for will save you a lot time. Prior to looking at your favorite neighborhoods and searching for your Reno Dream Home, be sure to know the maximum amount you qualify for. Of course, you don’t need to buy a home with the maximum amount, but you will at least know your options when the time comes to start your Reno, NV home search.

How much do I qualify for?How do you find out how much you qualify for? 

To find out how much financing  you  qualify for contact you contact a lender. Often times your lender will ask you to come to their office to discuss your current financial situation. Other times they will simply interview over the telephone to find out what your eligibility .

Be prepared to discuss your employment history, monthly income, your credit score and outstanding debt. A simple credit check will give the lender a pretty good idea how much your will be able to afford.

Finding out how much you can afford is one of the easiest steps in the home buying process. It can be disappointing, if you find out you don’t qualify for as much as you hoped, but it can also be very exciting to know you are one step closer to becoming a home owner. Now you can move on to the next step, finding a Reno, NV Realtor®!

If you would like my list of recommended lenders please contact me at 775-846-5424.

First Time Home Buyers ~ Step Two to Becoming a Reno Home Buyer:

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